We seek a project manager and a scrum master. Drop [email protected] a line to take this matter further.

So how would a project manager write a job ad?

A good project manager would first and foremost ask ‘What is the actual goal? Having a job ad OR having a project manager on board?’

Indeed, the goal is to have an experienced project manager to join our team!

So a good project manager would be right by questioning the job ad task against the true goal of the company.

Also, a good project manager would:

- say that a job ad is just one of many tools to achieve this goal, and not necessarily the most efficient one;
- instantly try other tools available such as his acquaintances and people in the know, social media, possibly HR agencies. But he knows that they cost money and take time.
- finally, if that doesn’t work, delivering stories, team details, descriptions requirements and other bits to HR and/or a copywriter would follow, as helping and empowering others is usually more efficient than doing something you’re not used to.

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