Senior Back-End Developer

What does Data Dog (Satalia Lithuania) do?

We create software solutions that empower organisations to shift to artificial intelligence driven future. We apply AI in the real world by building industry specific enterprise applications ranging from products tackling isolated problems to end-to-end supply chain, resource management and optimisation solutions. A couple of months ago we were acquired by Satalia, one of Europe's fastest growing AI companies, and our long-term partner in London. Working as one team, we apply our combined expertise in AI, data science and development to build full stack AI solutions that move the needle for our clients, and we have been doing it for the last 6 years.

What it means to be a Software Engineer in this project:

You’ll be solving VRP (Vehicle Routing Problems) and work on our internal product that we develop for huge grocery supplier chains, such as Tesco (UK), Woolworths (AU) and more to come. It keeps evolving with many emerging opportunities and leads. Main components: optimization library, routing network engine using the latest developments from scientific papers, such as Rphast, optimization backend services and orchestration, client facing backends and APIs. Many challenges to explore and opportunities to make scientific experiments. Core components concentrate on real time optimization - another engineering challenge. You’ll work in a motivated and excited team of 7 engineers, QA and a project manager. Some colleagues from UK work partially or sometimes fulltime on data science or optimization components. You’ll work with agile methods, embracing change and deploying software more than once a day. Team has minimized the processes to bare minimum, which works well and leaves more time to enjoy coding or discussions. Skill level hierarchy isn’t encouraged among the team, everyone has the same weight in their argument. Tech. stack: Java 8, golang, linux, kubernetes, gcloud, docker. Once in a few months team travels abroad for workshops or other events, most often London, may also be Australia and other countries in Europe.

Your responsibilities:

Same as any team member, you will share responsibility for the successful project and team growth. Everyone makes mistakes, so will you - it indicates learning, we only expect you to learn without repeating them twice. As a senior, we also expect that you will learn the whole stack incrementally so you can have your own preference and responsibilities for specific components or parts of infrastructure. The team is always open for change, as long as overall efficiency increases in the long term, so your ideas and expertise will always be welcomed.

What we expect from you:

  • Be polyglot having strong Java 8+ experience
  • Have 5+ years of professional working experience as a software engineer
  • Know at least one of Assembly, C, C++, Go or Rust languages
  • Prefer functional programming style where appropriate
  • Aware of the advantages of relational and document based databases, including CAP theorem
  • Know how queues such as Kafka, SQS, Nsq work and their PROS/CONS
  • Prefer TDD and BDD
  • Knowledge and understanding how integrated systems are deployed and managed
  • Linear Math background is a bonus
  • Be Unix philosophy advocate, who prefers working on unix based OS

P.S. You have a sense of humour, right?

Interested? Let us know: [email protected]